Selling Advice


It has always been common knowledge that suggests the warmer months are the optimum time to sell. Even though the market may be busiest during peak season, other times of the year can be just as successful. Quite often the lack of available properties for sale during the quieter periods can improve your chances of getting a great result.

Your personal circumstances are often foremost considerations. The features of your property are also important to take into account. For instance, a spectacular garden may be at its best in spring, while an open fireplace can be a warming attraction during winter.

Private Treaty or Public Auction

Before putting your home on the market you will need to consider which method of sale is most appropriate for your property and which is likely to achieve the best results.

Private Treaty

Private treaty can achieve great results when used in the appropriate situation and handled in the right manner. This method of sale incorporates setting a price at the beginning of the marketing campaign. Determining the correct price is vital. A price that is set too high could deter prospective purchasers, however, a price set too low may result in a less than satisfactory return.

A cooling off period applies to private treaty sales, unlike in auction. Private treaty sales are often used when it is easy to determine the market value of the property and where there is limited opportunity of achieving a higher price at auction. For example, an apartment in a block where there are many similar properties for sale.


Sale by public auction makes the most of the competitive elements, resulting in a price above what might otherwise be achieved. When preceded by a well planned marketing campaign, auctions can develop a sense of urgency amongst buyers, increase competition and ultimately raise the price. The benefits of an auction are that you are in control of the sales terms, you have the security of your confidential reserve price and the sale is legally binding once the hammer falls. The choice of selling your property before auction is an option to you, should an appropriate offer be forthcoming.

Contract of Sale

In NSW you must make the Contract for the Sale of Land available before the property can be offered for sale. A contract is prepared by a solicitor or conveyancer and may require a recent survey (indicating land size, buildings and any access rights). If the property is currently leased, advise your solicitor or conveyancer of the expiry dates and conditions. You must also note inclusions – standard items are light fittings, fixed floor coverings and window dressings.

Additional useful attachments could include building certificates from council approving any building works you have undertaken. Owner builders note that you will require Warranty Insurance if selling within 7 years of completion.

Marketing Campaign

There are thousands of properties calling out for the attention of potential buyers. The right marketing can make all the difference for your property to stand out amongst the crowd. Therefore, a well-planned campaign that gives you maximum impact for your advertising dollar is vitally important. A multi-faceted marketing campaign should be employed for the sale of any property. The elements of this campaign could include media, internet and point of sale advertising. To ensure this new found attention equates to enquiries, it is imperative that all advertising is produced professionally. Advertising provides a high level of exposure needed to attract potential buyers. Broadview Estate Agents provides professionally designed advertisements to deliver the ultimate in exposure.

The internet has now become a primary method used to search for property. Our web site,, has been specifically designed to enable users easy access to all property information including photos, floor plans and virtual tours. For added exposure we also list all properties on major real estate portals and

Open Home

Before the inspection time, open the windows to air the home. Make the beds, tidy all areas and make sure the house is heated or cooled to a comfortable temperature. Fragrant fresh cut flowers are always popular and feel free to put some background music on your lifestyle sound system. During the inspection time it is best to make yourself and any pets scarce. This allows potential buyers the freedom to explore in detail and ask potentially challenging questions to the agent. Following each inspection we will provide a detailed run-down to keep you informed of the reactions and levels of interest among potential buyers to your property.